25 June, 2004

Well, I'm no football freak, but when it comes to our National Team, I seem to lose my "intellectual pose" (as if I had one...). Yesterday, after a game which should be avoided by cardiacs, Portugal defeated England. A great game, and I'm glad it's over ;-) Greetings to our English friends, who (curiously or not) joined us in our crazy celebrations. Ok, beer helped a little. Either way, well done!

23 June, 2004

These are the tormented human beings that had to put up with me as their teacher...

Have you ever heard the cries of a whale?
Have you ever seen an eagle flying through the skies?
“Cosmic nostalgia” is their song:
Bodies that cross endless oceans and other
blue immensities painted with clouds.
Are we nothing but intersecting matter?
Traveling across Place and Time
in a never-ending journey?

Go, my child; see, touch,
listen and taste the world.
Fill your eyes with sun
until tears of light suddenly burst!
And if one day your sight meets
nothing but a white magnificent horizon,
smile! True kindness
needs no eyes, just purity of heart.

Become a Man.
Learn with experience, teach virtue
and leave when your work is done.
Different times, different places,
different bodies wait.
Only your mission remains the same:
to live better; to serve better, to love better,
to fail better, to cry better, to smile better, to BE better…

Touch the core of your humanity,
smiling at every leaf of every tree
at every water drop of every sea
at every enquiring little eyes
you may find along the way.
Forever frail, yet embraced,
Nature’s children forever share
Life’s creating energy.

Go. Learn. Teach. Leave.
Go further. Learn further. Teach further. Leave again.
Home? – Love. And the eternal search for whom you really are.
Ok, while I'm babbling here, enjoy a nice cup of coffee...

Babbling in Portuguese

Consolação/ Consolation/ Trost

Silenciam-se as vozes
Libertam-se os sentidos
Abandona-se o espirito
nas maos do Momento
Os olhos fechados,
Imersos no Ser
Veem ao longe,
o fresco passar do Vento.

E na ternura de um passaro
Num beijo de Sol
No marulhar de um ribeiro
Sinto-me, sinto-nos
Universo Radiante e Feliz
Porque Eterno,
Porque Uno,
Porque Inteiro.


Yes, I come from Portugal - the land of imported codfish, canned sardines, endless sea and, of course, the host of the European Championship. :-)

In this weblog I'll publish some texts written by my unconscious mind (yes, I have one!). These texts may be in English, Portuguese or German, for I suffer from a rare disease called "Language-freakness". Ocasionally, there will be pictures, although my talent as a photographer is as genuine as the Portuguese codfish.
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